Continuous Combined Regimen

Continuous Combined Regimen

COMBIPATCH® offers two dosing options to treat certain moderate to severe symptoms of menopause. To decide which treatment plan may work for you, talk to your doctor about the following:

  • Your preference for a predictable monthly bleed vs the potential for occasional spotting
  • Your personal history of menstruation
  • How far along you are in your menopause journey

Depending on your personal preferences, history, and time since you started menopause (among other considerations), your doctor can recommend a dosing regimen that might be right for you.

If your doctor has prescribed COMBIPATCH for a Continuous Combined regimen, your body will receive a consistent level of hormones throughout the month. The calendar to the right shows an example of when you'll apply a new transdermal patch to your lower abdomen throughout a 4-week schedule. You'll remove your patch and apply a new one every 3 to 4 days, according to your schedule.

While following a Continuous Combined regimen, you may experience irregular bleeding ("spotting") in the first year.

  • Women prescribed continuous combined treatment may experience spotting, particularly in the first six months, but it generally decreases with time.
  • Over the course of a one-year study with COMBIPATCH, this bleeding and spotting stopped in the majority of women
  • Women who experienced bleeding usually characterized it as light (1.3 on an intensity scale of 1 [light] to 4 [heavy])

Talk to your doctor about any issues you have with spotting. He or she may be able to help by adjusting your dosing regimen.

Keep your doctor regularly informed about your bleeding patterns and other issues related to your hormone therapy. It's important to schedule follow-up visits with your doctor every 3 to 6 months to discuss your symptoms, health risks, and treatment goals. All of these are important and all can change over time. Communicate openly with your physician about your treatment with COMBIPATCH, how it's affecting your daily routine, and whether or not switching to a Continuous Sequential regimen might be better for you. COMBIPATCH offers options to help you and your doctor address your needs now and in the future. It's important that you take your medication as prescribed. Never start or stop any treatment plan without talking to your doctor first.

Continuous Combined Hormone Therapy with COMBIPATCH

This calendar is just an example. You will be able to choose the days of the week you change patches based on when you begin treatment.